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Solar Power Systems for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We service all SEQ

Standard Grid Connected Solar System

Standard Grid Connected Solar Power Systems are suitable for most Home Solar Power Systems. This powers your home first with any excess energy produced will be sold back to the power grid and added as a credit on your electricity bill. 

Optimised Grid Connected Solar System

The Ultimate Solar Power Grid Connected System.  Performance is Enhanced using power optimisers resulting in up to 25% more power production. Featuring an Inverter with advanced monitoring capabilities and backup battery compatible allowing future energy independence. 

Hybrid / Storage
Solar Power Systems



The complete home energy solution allowing you complete energy independence. With a hybrid solar power system installation, you can use the power you need and store any additional power created

Commercial Solar Power installation Solutions

From a small retail outlet with the goal of power offset to large commercial solutions, we custom design your system from the ground up to find the perfect solution for your Solar requirements.

Do you have a solar project we can help with?

At IMPACT Energy, we pride ourselves in the work we do and the personalised service we provide. We specialise in renewable energy consultancy and get to know our client’s specific energy needs. From there, we design and recommend a solar system to suit those needs, we don’t just install a solar system because we can.
This ensures that every one of our installations turns into a growing investment for our customers. We only use products that are proven and tested to last the distance and perform the way they should, giving you a reliable system that will save you money for years to come.

Standard Grid Connected Solar Power Systems

For most Solar Power Systems in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and on the Sunshine Coast, most installations are roof mounted in a Northerly position for optimum performance. However, if there is no suitable position available, these may be roof mounted in a westerly position. In some circumstances, a ground mounted system may be optimal for your property. During our Obligation free solar power system for your home or commercial property, we will find the optimal position based on direction and also angle of the glass face of the solar panels themselves to ensure maximum possible power generation. For installations on flat roofs, an elevated array frame may be needed to allow the solar module installation at an angle of approximately 30 degrees from the horizontal. 

Grid Connected Solar Panels 1

Standard Grid Connected Solar Power Systems produce usable electricity from the light of the sun. Even on cloudy days, your solar power system will keep producing energy but not as efficiently as in direct sunlight. 

South East Queensland Solar Power Systems will experience on average 283 sunny days per year, meaning we have the perfect climate to install solar panels. The energy your solar power system produces will primarily go to off-setting your current demand on your power usage. Your system may produce more power than your property needs at any given time and in this case additional power generated will be sold to your nominated energy company. To learn more about feed-in tariffs, please visit the Queensland Government website. Note also, different energy providers will offer you a varying rate for power sold back to the electricity grid. We suggest checking with your electricity provider to see what offers are available to you. 

Optimised Grid Connected Solar Power Systems

Adding to all the benefits of a standard grid connected solar power system enhanced with our high efficiency solar power inverters. In conjunction with premium Solar panels our customers typically find find up to an extra 25% production levels. 

Arguably the most important part of your entire solar power system, the solar inverter is how those rays of sun are turned into usable power for your home. Getting the correct inverter for your home solar power system is crucial to get right.

Fronius Solar Power System Inverter

Our optimised inverters allow you produce more solar power from the solar panels you have installed. With capabilities of up to 25% more power production. Our state of the art Solar power inverters also allow you to monitor your systems power generation at any point in time and are also battery compatible, allowing for future expansion of the system with solar power battery systems.  

This is the ideal home solar power system as it allows for maximum power generation from the same amount of solar panels. This system would be suitable specifically in situations where roof space may be an issue, there may be potential shading issues on the solar panels or ground mounted systems. 

It is vital to note, during our free onsite quote anywhere in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast or on the Sunshine Coast, we will assess the best possible Solar power solution for your home and provide you a cost based on this. We will never recommend you a solar power system that will not be able to perform to its absolute maximum potential.

Hybrid & Storage Solar Power Systems

The latest in home solar power technology the hybrid, or battery back up solar power installation may be the right answer for you. 

Working very similar to a typical grid connected solar power system in the way it produces energy with one very big difference, you can actually store the excess power that you create and do not use. A typical roof mounted or ground mounted solar power system in South East Queensland will generate power and go to powering the home first, with excess production sent back to the electricity grid, resulting in a credit on your electricity bill for power sold back to the distribution network. With a hybrid solar power installation however, this excess power that is created gives you the opportunity to store this for use later on. You may find that you are at work all day while the solar power system is generating electricity. Typically the rate you get for selling power back to the grid is not the same as what you buy it for, so to be completely independent of costs, you may have to purchase a system much larger than you would ever actually use. 

Hybrid Solar power systems, or battery backup solar power systems are the answer to this. Any additional power you create can be stored at the premises and used at a later time. The power you generate throughout the day can then be used in the evening when it is needed most. With Hybrid Solar power system installations, the power you generate is used by the property first and any excess stored in a battery system. When the solar panels are not generating electricity (say, in the night time) your solar inverter will get the necessary power from the battery banks and only if needed will you purchase power from the electricity grid. This is the preferred solar power solution in many examples. With a solar power system large enough to cover your average daily usage, you may find yourself completely independent from the electricity grid altogether. 

Inquire with us today about how a hybrid and battery backup system can be your best option when investing in your solar power system installation. 

Commercial Solar Installation Solutions

Commercial solar power systems can be a great way to control your businesses costs and protect against future energy price rises. In sunny South East Queensland from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and up to the Sunshine coast, we have ample sunny days and why not make the most of this by converting that sunlight into usable energy for your business? 

If a commercial solar power installation is something you are considering, allow us to sit down with you and show you exactly what this can do for your business. We only use premium solar panel components and inverters giving you the peace of mind that your solar power system will produce power for many, many years to come. For businesses, your new energy profile may result in a new network tariff becoming available to you allowing you to even further your energy costs. 

We have installed over 8 megawatts of solar power systems in Brisbane, the gold coast and the sunshine coast and our team has over 10 years experience in the solar industry. But simply, if its not good enough for your business, its not good enough for ours. Backed with warranties from some of the largest solar panel and solar inverter companies on the planet, rest assured you will find the perfect commercial solar power system with us at Impact Energy. 

Call us today and we’d be happy to come on site and provide you a obligation free quote for your commercial solar solution. 

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Impact Energy Solar Installation Gold Coast

At Impact Energy, We can provide you an obligation free quote for Home Solar Systems or provide solutions for Commercial Solar Panel installations from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We use premium quality solar panels and inverters to ensure you system performs at its peak for many years to come.  Please complete the below form or call us to have a chat about what solar power system may be right for you.